12 bar blues

The basics to the Blues

A couple of blues scales

Here is a couple of useful Blues Scales. I will keep adding to this collection with other various riffs, scales and runs as I find them. ________________________________________________________ E|——————————–5–8– B|————————–5–8——– G|——————–5–7————– D|————–5–7——————– A|——–5–7————————– E|–5–8——————————– And another: E|—————————————8–10–12– B|——————————–8–10————- G|———————–5–7–9——————– D|—————–5–7—————————– A|——–3–5–7———————————– E|–3–5——————————————– C minor E|—————————–8–10b11—————–6/8–11b14–18–13b15– B|————————–8————12b14——-6————————- G|————-8——10\8———————-8\5—————————- D|——8–10—————————————————————— A|–10————10———————————————————– E|—————————————————————————–

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