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Welcome to GuitarLife.Org.We have a couple of cool options to check into. If you are learning the CAGED system, or want to learn more, we have some information on that here. CAGED guitar system
In addition, there is a cool tool that I have setup, in order to find the chords in the key that you are playing in, check here for that. Quick Chord Finder Get Started Daily Disciplines with Guitar Improves playing!

Tons of Resources

Some theory, some songs and some advice.

This site is designed by musicians for musicians.

Keep checking back as I add new songs to the play list each week.

Some basic theory and insights to some basics around the fret board.

Playing a first gig, or getting ready for that next big show? Check out are advice column.

Songwriting or transposing something into a different key? Check out the Quick Chords.


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Daily Disciplines

If you want to get good at playing music, it isn’t about how good you look, or how much raw talent you have. It’s all about daily disciplines such as practice, practice, practice.

Check out what we have available for you, at no cost.

Lessons available via skype or in person depending on location.


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Basic Theory

The basics on playing guitar. Here you will find some basic guidelines to guitar theory in order to help find your way around the fretboard.

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Daily Disciplines

These are some daily exercises that I do to keep my fingers moving. Remember accuracy first then speed later!

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C.A.G.E.D Guitar System

Check out some useful resources on playing the CAGED system.

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Songs you can play around the campfire & more! Checkout tutorials, lyrics, chords used and how to play them. Check it out!

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Are you wanting to add songs to your repertoire?

We do personalized lessons over Skype, Zoom and other platforms. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Simple songs and simple methods to play.


Over two decades of experience playing music in local music scenes.


Bringing you the most resources in one location in order to improve your playing skills, with the lowest of cost… Free!

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