Circle of Fifths


Some points to consider:

  • The minor key is inside the circle in grey with the corresponding Major Key
  • The Minor key is also the relative minor and as well, the six minor, as the relative minor is the sixth note in the major scale
  • You can also find the relative minor by counting by 3 keys clockwise on the circle of fifths
  • Travelling clockwise around the circle of fifths is, the fifth note of the major scale of the corresponding key. So for example, G is the fifth note of the C scale, D is the fifth note of the G scale A is the fifth note of D scale and so on
  • The key of C has zero sharp notes. each key increases by one travelling clockwise
  • Counter clockwise produces flats.
  • For reference, a sharp and a flat are the same thing. F# and Gb is effectively the same note.
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