Box Position Chords

Box Chord positions in Key of C

This is played with the A Shape chord pattern in the Key of C, as C is the root note.

Duly Note, by shifting the root note, you can use these patterns with the appropriate Key, in the relevant root note.

So for example, if starting at the fifth fret on the A string playing the D Barre Chord, you can use these shapes to effectively play in the key of D, and so on.

|| Chord ||  C  | Dm  | Em  |  F  |  G  |  Am | G/B ||
|| 1st E ||--3--|--x--|--3--|--3--|--3--|--x--|--x--||
|| 2nd B ||--5--|--6--|--5--|--6--|--3--|--5--|--3--||
|| 3rd G ||--5--|--5--|--4--|--5--|--4--|--5--|--4--||
|| 4th D ||--5--|--3--|--2--|--3--|--5--|--5--|--5--||
|| 5th A ||--3--|--5--|--x--|--x--|--5--|--x--|--2--||
|| 6th E ||--x--|--x--|--0--|--x--|--3--|--5--|--x--||
Position ||  I  | II  | III | IV  |  V  |  VI | VII ||
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