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This page began as a simple teaching tool for a couple of students that I had at the time.

There is a ton of great resources on the internet, however I needed something quick and easy to find, that referenced the material I sometimes spoke about while teaching.

Now, it is in the process of evolution. My goal is not to include any of the traditional online marketing methods. Instead, I am open to offers and sponsorships from direct advertisers from various different manufacturers in the Guitar world. If that is of interest to you, then please reach out to me at my Guitarlife Facebook Page. Facebook is the preferred method of contact, due to the overwhelming amount of spam mail that comes via email today.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Basic Theory with Some Fun Stuff

Chord structures, basic music theory with some songs to play

The goal of GuitarLife.org is to incorporate basic theory, with some insights on the CAGED system. In addition, you will find song tutorials which helps demonstrate some of the chords you will learn.

This sight is to be used only as a simple reference, so check back often and to refresh on what you have learned and see what new songs we bring to the songs tab.

Song Tutorials


Song tutorials to help you add to your repertoire

Quick and easy songs to add to your play list, whether its performing at the campfire, playing open stages, or performing at a paid gig, these songs will help.

We are musicians for musicians

Want help with getting ready for a first Gig? Check out our advice columns on short articles on small pub performance.

Get In Touch with Us

Please enjoy the free resources we have at guitarlife.org and any suggestions please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Available at a cost, via skype or in person depending on location.



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